Side View

iPhone 5 leather hardcase


This case fits an iPhone 5 5C or 5S. Made from 9oz (3.5mm) and 4-5oz (1.7mm) thick leather and no lining. I hand-stitched the parts using orange waxed linen thread and finished it with mahogany dye and black edges.

Bottom access to charging port

Hello, Tank!


This is one of those test-cases. It might be bulky but it also feels like you can throw it around without ever damaging the phone!
As an added design element, I chose to hand-carve a piece of 1984 Macintosh history into the front.

Fits 15" laptop

Leather Messenger Bag

My first try in making a messenger bag. No pattern, just freehand cutting. Large enough to fit a 15″ laptop with some room to spare.