My name is Attila and I’m from Germany/Hungary and I now live in Australia. I have a background in graphic design & web development and a degree in audio engineering.

A few years ago I started to work with leather to break free from (re)arranging pixels and I fell in love with the design & making of real-world things.

This website

This website is the home of my experiments in leather working. I make cases for some of my favourite things by mixing local materials with hours (sometimes days) of detailed planning and work.

My design approach

I often use very thick vegetable tanned leather for small items which results in products that will most likely last longer than a lifetime. Whenever I can’t use thick leather, I like to work with kangaroo leather which is known to be very light and extremely strong.

Buying things

I can only take on very few custom orders because they take a very long time to make. If you’re interested, check out the FAQ page for some information about the ordering process and then get in touch.