A Good Book – Kindle Touch book cover

A Good Book – Kindle Touch book cover

A cover for my Kindle Touch (most likely will also fit the Paperwhite if I ever upgrade) I made from 4mm thick vegetable tanned leather with suede lining and corners made from kangaroo leather.

The hand carved letters on the front cover were difficult to get right because it had to be as straight as possible. It’s not easy to get perfect circles and straight lines to look right.

Every single stitch is done by hand. The whole case took about 3 days to finish.

2 thoughts on “A Good Book – Kindle Touch book cover

    1. Thanks Nick! If I remember right, I used a Whiskey Antique Dye on this one. By rubbing each section slightly more or less, you get this uneven distressed look.
      You could also use some sandpaper, beat it with chains etc. to help with the look.

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