Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (second version)

Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (second version)

This second version of my case is slightly more complex than my previous one. But with only 10 parts, it’s still a very simple design.

Every stitch is done by hand and the entire case is made from Australian vegetable tanned leather with suede lining.

I posted this video on instagram. Love the sound of some solid snaps!

10 thoughts on “Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (second version)

  1. it would be perfect if it had a belt loop sewn into the back giving it another option instead of straps. No one does a x100s case with belt loop that I have found.

    1. Ditto, I’m looking everywhere for a holster with a belt loop. None to be found. I do a fair amount of hiking and urban climbing and hate my camera swinging around – a belt loop holster would be perfect.
      If it had that and came in dark brown, I’d be so sold on this.

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this, but for my x20. I always like to keep a half case on all my cameras. Do you know if your case would fit an x20 with a typical leather half case on? I’m thinking the x20 is a bit smaller than the x100s so it might work. I too would like to see a belt clip of some sort. Better if you don’t have to remove your belt to attach. These guys http://tuff-as-nuts.com/about-belt-cases.aspx have a really nice metal clip that would work well on your case. Doesn’t add any bulk and is very strong. Could even use it as a stabilizer while using the shoulder strap.

    1. I don’t think the X20 would fit in there properly. The case is a very specific size so while the X20 might fit, it would wobble around or the lens would be awkward and small in the slot of the case. Unfortunately I don’t have one to test it with.
      I’ll have to think about a more generic design that will fit more universally (and with belt clip).

  3. This is even better than the first one! But I do need a belt loop, neck straps let the poor old camera swing when you are climbing gates, hedges or stiles. Don’t forget the German Tenax studs ( used on tonneau covers etc.)

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