iPhone 6 Flip Wallet Prototype I

iPhone 6 Flip Wallet Prototype I

The first version of the updated flip wallet for iPhone 6. I’m working on updating the tutorial as soon as I have a final version of this one ready.

This version uses much thinner, lighter and stronger kangaroo leather. Thin enough for a front pocket wallet (even with the phone inside).

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  1. Hello! Is it possible for me to “order” a pattern from you? I am just starting on leatherwork myself but I find it very hard to make my own patterns for cases and stuff… And right now I am looking for a case to my Iphone 4 where there are room for cards and bills… I have some 2 mm, hard leather that I want to make it of… So can you do that? And how much would it cost?

    1. Most patterns are only as big as they have to be. If they can’t fit on A4, I try to put them on A3 etc.
      Depending on your printer, you might have a setting that lets you tile a print and glue it together to make larger patterns. Hope that helps

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