Kindle Touch Flip Cover

Kindle Touch Flip Cover

When I got my Amazon Kindle Touch, I started making a case similar to the one I made for the Kindle Keyboard before (check out the tutorial for that case here).

But I wanted to do something different! I started to play with the flip cover idea and made this flip-case design instead:

One thought on “Kindle Touch Flip Cover

  1. How about this concept for ipad but without the flip cover. And the cutout window for the screen is roughly 1/2 inch larger than the screen. The “stacked” border comprised of layers of leather would protect the borders of the ipad. The opening end could be 1/2 longer (beyond the ipad edge once inserted so if dropped on open end, the set-back space would provide protection.

    I may have you make one for me in black with black stitching.

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