Leather Pocket Protector

Leather Pocket Protector

Since I wasn’t born in the ’20s, I only recently found out that the great people who sent rockets into space, needed to protect their pockets from leaking pens and other things that might ruin their lab coats. Those protectors were usually made from plastic.

The gentleman of today will need something more substantial than that:

A pocket protector that is handmade from beautiful vegetable tanned leather. By the way, if you don’t have pens to put into the protector, it’s a good way of securing your iPhone from slipping out of your shirt pocket. Or you could use it as a normal iPhone sleeve…

Do you want to try and make one? Download the pattern:

4 thoughts on “Leather Pocket Protector

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll make more of these at this point. I’m mainly working with Kangaroo leather at the moment and this would be quite a bit thinner if I used Kangaroo for it.

  1. Beautiful design and great color selection. This is definitely something fit for my boyfriend as he has been looking everywhere for a pocket protector. Too bad these are hard to come by and not as great quality as this one.

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