My new handmade leather Kindle 3 case

My new handmade leather Kindle 3 case

13 thoughts on “My new handmade leather Kindle 3 case

  1. So if i wanted to make something similar.
    1. where would i buy the leather from
    2. How did you make the leather hard
    3. what did you use to stitch? just a regular needle and thread?

    1. Hi James,
      You can get leather from specialized stores. I recommend at least 2.6-3mm thickness so that it doesn’t flex too much. You have to sew with waxed thread, 2 needles and an awl (to pre punch the holes)

      I’m about to make another one and I’ll try and put together a little tutorial. Come back to this page in a week or 2 to check it out. Hopefully it’ll be finished by then

  2. Will you ever be selling them? I would sure to be one of the first to buy, it’s really beautiful! If you ever do decide to sell them please notify me!

  3. …I love the cover! Love, love, love it! Any chance you’ll be making any more? I’d be very interested in purchasing one if you did! 🙂

  4. love the case let us know when they are up for sale. I currently have one made by I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and by far Joe V. Leather has been the only company out there that has produce a solid quality Tardis Cover I like.

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