Pentax K-01 Leather Half Case

Pentax K-01 Leather Half Case

This leather half case is the result of many prototypes and it’s the first one that’s ready for some more testing before I make the changes that I’m planning for the second revision.

I made the case by hand from vegetable tanned kangaroo leather and red pigskin lining.

I added the small buckles because I wanted to have the case very secure on the camera. This way, any straps are added straight to the case!


I opted for not having a door to get access to the SD card, because I usually don’t shoot more than 1 SD card in a day. You have to take off one side and bend the case down to open the SD card slot. This can be done without removing the tripod screw/quick-release plate.

I also didn’t add a cut-out for the IR receiver in the front because I rarely need it.

Coming Up:

  • slightly revised dimensions
  • integrated hand strap
  • slightly repositioned tripod screw hole
  • no stitching and lining along the straps that go through the loops on the camera (since these would probably wear out over time)
  • different colours, buckles and other options
  • I want to explore the idea of adding a front cover for various lens combinations.
  • ability to attach certain LCD hoods/mirrors

It’s just a little bit steampunk, a little bit 60’s Batmobile…

10 thoughts on “Pentax K-01 Leather Half Case

  1. Hi.
    Your cases for the Pentax K-01 look wonderful, but when can we purchase and what will the prices and options be?
    I am more than happy to make an advance payment, but as UK delivery would be required, I must know what the total will be, prior to commitment.
    Great work.
    Derek F.

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