Pentax Lens Case for 17-70mm lens

Pentax Lens Case for 17-70mm lens

I’m fed up with the flimsy storage pouch for my (relatively) expensive SLR lenses so I started designing replacement cases.

This is my first basic prototype to see how it would work to make one to fit my Pentax 17-70 F4.

The stitching is all hand-made using a very strong kevlar thread.

Things to note: I’m working on improving the dimensions, the way it opens (the “hinge”) and some other smaller improvements like a belt attachment for when I decide to wear a belt.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      OK, I’ll put it on the list of tutorial ideas. Not sure when I can get to it at this stage but hopefully very soon (I just moved and started to set up my leatherwork stuff so I’m not 100% up and running yet).

      Check back here or follow me on snapguide, twitter or facebook to see the new tutorials as I post them.

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