Hand-sewing two leather pieces with a cross stitch pattern

Hand-sewing two leather pieces with a cross stitch pattern


  • Multi-Tool
  • Lighter
  • 2 Needles
  • Waxed Thread
  • Stitching Chisel
  • Leather

10 thoughts on “Hand-sewing two leather pieces with a cross stitch pattern

  1. Great tutorial. I am making a captains mirror with buffalo around the hoop frame. I will have a seam to stitch and a cross stitch following your method will be the one to use. Functional,practical and aesthetically pleasing.
    Thanks for the birds eye.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! I haven’t taken photos yet, but you could also have a cross stitch where you have a cross on both sides (instead of having the thread go across horizontally). So that the main side will have a space between the crosses… Hope that makes sense. It’s a similar idea, just a different aesthetic.

  2. thank you for these posts! very informative. i have bookmarked your page and will be using it when i upgrade my canvas messenger bag to a leather briefcase-style bag.

  3. thanks for your instructions! very helpful. What is the spacing you use between holes? I am trying to get mine to look as neat as yours and i think my spacing of holes is too far apart. Can you provide both the spacing between holes and between the columns of rows? Thanks so much!!!

  4. thanks for the clear instructions.
    this stich can really only be used on the sides of a bag , right ?
    on the bottom of the bag what kind of stich would you suggest. It gets so thick that its really hard to sew.

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