Tutorial – How I make the DIY Kindle leather case

Tutorial – How I make the DIY Kindle leather case

Recommended tools & supplies:

  • Maped Soft Scalpel for Crafting, Scrapbooking, with 3 Replacement Blades (009900)
  • Craftool Ballpoint Stylus
  • Tandy Leather Craftool Deluxe Adjustable Swivel Knife 8002-00
  • Tandy Leather Basic “7” Tool Set set of 7 basic tool set
  • Hand Stitching Kit
  • Tandy Leathercraft Edge Beveler Size 2 8076-02
  • Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable Groover 8074-00
  • Tandy Leather Craftool Spacer Set System 8091-00
  • Fiebings Leather Dye Black 4oz
  • Leather Dye Dark Brown 4 oz.
  • Fiskars Traditional Bone Folder
  • Leather Factory Waxed Nylon Thread 25 Yard Spool-Natural

Check out more photos of the finished case here

25 thoughts on “Tutorial – How I make the DIY Kindle leather case

  1. Thanks for a great tut! I’m starting stitching tomorrow on my own DIY leather Kindle cover. I’m going to wait to decorate it until I’m finished with assembly, then I plan to doodle with 3D paint pens. Not too tough for a first bookbinding project though I did puzzle for a while on the mechanics of the spine.

        1. That’s very cool! I love seeing a different take on this cover design! I like the big stitches and overall feel of it. Only bummer is that you’ll probably have to take it out of the cover to access the buttons. But I’m sure you now know what the problems are with that part of the design and you’ll be able to improve on that for the next one!
          Also, 5 hours is an incredibly good time for this!!! It took me more than 10 hours for the sewing alone for mine. It’s very tedious work especially with 4mm thick leather

      1. Thanks for the kind words! For the next model I have in mind a different spine construction method, as well as shorter stitches using finer thread or even natural sinew or gut. Like I need a new hobby 😀

  2. Hi Attilaacs. Great case! I wish I had the knowledge and tools to make one for myself. Would you consider to sell this one? If yes, email me with your options.

    1. nice one, Aphro! 😀
      Did you put some type of cardboard in between the 2 layers of leather? I like the black & purple colour combination.
      A tip for the corners: It’s probably easier if you use thinner leather for the corners so even if they cover half of a button, you can still press it and it doesn’t feel too awkward. 🙂

      1. Thanks!
        I used heavy chipboard as the stiffener for the two covers, and black synthetic sinew for the sewing up. I also bought a leather needle for my sewing machine and, after the glue dried sufficiently, I used the old Singer to “mark”the seams. Result: regular stitch lengths (mostly) and a much easier time with the sewing.
        I’m quite pleased with how this one came out. 😀

  3. Hi Attilaacs. The case looks too cool. Did you make any more? Even i am interested in buying it 🙂 Would you consider to sell this one? If yes, email me with your options.

    1. Hi Khoa, as far as I know you can’t do that. To get logos and designs onto artificial leather, you’d probably use something like a hot stamp or foils. The leather used here is very different.

  4. Is the spine only glued to the back cover or is it actually sewn in? I’m thinking just glued? I don’t see how this will stay? Thanks! I can’t wait to start ☺️

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