iPad Case: Apocalyptic Love

iPad Case: Apocalyptic Love

This is my most detailed & colourful leather work to date:

the iPad case has the cover art from Slash’s latest solo album “Apocalyptic Love (Amazon)” on the front. Completely hand cut, stamped, carved & painted, this cover took many days to finish (not for sale).

Check out the gallery for some photos of the work in progress and the finished case:

4 thoughts on “iPad Case: Apocalyptic Love

    1. Hey Steffen. This one’s not for sale. I make and sell one-offs and custom ones for people who have an idea for a personalised case.
      But I removed the shop link from this site because I’ll be travelling for a few months so I can’t accept any orders at the moment. It’ll be back up & running early next year.

  1. Beautiful work. How do you stop the paints from flaking or rubbing off the leather? Or does it stain the leather just like the dyes do?

    1. It doesn’t stain the leather but there’s a clear coat on it. The paint still looks the way it is in the photos. Depending on the usage, it probably would start to fade or rub off lightly within a decade or so. That’s a guess, I don’t really know.

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