Design Notebooks: Leather Tray

Design Notebooks: Leather Tray

Since I started to work with leather, I have collected a huge number of links, images, sketches etc.

I thought it might be helpful for some people if I share links to other leather workers, shops, patterns and sketches in this series of posts.

The first topic I want to summarise is a beautifully simple design that has a surprising number of variations:

The leather valet tray

Ghurka Folding Snap Tray No. 58


Beautiful lining, snaps to open the tray and pack away flat. Visit to see more.

CicadaLeatherCompany Valet Tray


Etsy user CicadaLeatherCompany has a more rustic approach to the Tray. Single piece of leather, 4 snaps and flesh side on the outside.

BadLoveLeather Valet Tray


Another Etsy find: this tray seems to be wet formed from a single piece of leather. I love the simplicity and different take on a classic. Check out their Etsy listing here.

Hermès Change Tray


The luxury end of the scale: 25x25cm bull skin tray by Hermès.

Echo Six Designs Valet Tray


Echo Six Designs has an interesting different take on the fastening of the corners. They are riveted together in 8 places instead of the classic 4 snap design most of these have. I assume it would also work with 8 snap buttons if you wanted to have something that can fold flat…

Hollows Leather Daily Carry Tray


Similar design to the previous one but using button studs. Currently unavailable in their shop. I think I first came across these at Massdrop or the Awesomer.

What do you think?

This is by no means a complete list of styles and possiblities. What’s your favourite valet tray design?

Did you make your own or something similar to one of the ones above? Post it in the comments and feel free to link your website, blog or Etsy store!

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