Simple iPhone 4 leather case: yellow&whiskey

Simple iPhone 4 leather case: yellow&whiskey

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about as simple as it gets

I made this case from (roughly) 1.3mm thick vegetable tanned leather. Hand cut, dyed, stamped and finished, it is a simple case to protect your iPhone from scratches when you throw it in your bag.

I dyed the inside black to make sure that you can’t see dirt on it too easily after a few months/years of use.

The outside colour is a mix of yellow and whiskey and dyed by hand as well. I gave the leather a distressed look and feel and it will nicely age if you take good care of it by occasionally oiling it and keeping it relatively clean.

More photos:

When you open it, you can see the time without taking the phone out of the case

using the headphone slot to wrap the headphones around the case.

back view with maker stamp

headphone slot

using the headphone slot (outside view)

side view with kangaroo leather lacing

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