Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (first version)

Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (first version)

I’m working on refining a design for a small case to hold the X100 and maybe a couple of batteries and I wanted to share the thought-process I go through.

The first basic idea was to make it out of one large piece of leather. I wet-formed a piece of vegetable tanned leather so that I could accommodate for the camera lens and I wrapped the rest of the case around a wooden mould.

This is the resulting first case design:

There are a number of problems with this:

  1. I don’t like the way the shape turned out.
  2. Using a large snap for the main flap is not ideal. It is too difficult to close if there’s nothing behind it.
  3. The battery compartment makes it too difficult to remove batteries quickly
  4. I don’t like wearing the weight on a belt

My second version addressed most of these points and is much closer to the initial idea I had in mind.

One thought on “Holster-style camera case for the Fujifilm X100S (first version)

  1. I want to make a similar case for my Fuji X20, I don’t like the ordinary snaps that mean putting a lot of pressure on the camera inside the case. I have used German Tenax (?) fittings to replace the leather strap and post fittings on my canvas camera bag. Much easier to use.
    I have never stitched anything complicated before but am about to try, love your design.

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