How to make a small leather Credit Card wallet

How to make a small leather Credit Card wallet


Material & Tools:

  • Small piece of leather
  • Thread
  • Awl
  • Metal ruler
  • Scalpel,cutter, head knife
  • Mallet
  • 3mm hole punch
  • Wing divider
  • Stitching spacer
  • 2 hand sewing needles
  • Lighter
  • Scissors

13 thoughts on “How to make a small leather Credit Card wallet

      1. Hey,
        Could you please tell me where you got the exact thread for this project? I am having difficulty finding anything even remotely similar. Would be much appreciated!

    1. Nice! I made one with normal veg tanned leather, too (the one in these photos is thinner kangaroo leather). It’s the endless search for “the perfect wallet”!

    1. I’m actually not sure as I don’t have one laying around but you can download the pattern (top of this page) and print out at 100% to make one for yourself 🙂

  1. That’s a good project for something useful and can be done with modest time and expense. I am working on my first real project and I am including the slots for the CC’s as you have shown. An issue I noticed early on was that no matter the vertical spacing for the slots they all insert to the bottom. I had to figure out how to create a bottom for each slot. My solution is to use soft sheep skin and sew in a pocket on the backside with it’s own depth. Is there a simpler way?

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